Dog House Buyer's Guide

Decorative Dog Houses

This collection of dog houses are a cut above the ordinary with features like contrasting color schemes, fancy ventilation panels, lockable doors, lattice work, and faux chimneys.

Note that these aren't really cold-weather doghouses since they aren't insulated. However,  some of the models could fairly easily be outfitted with insulation panels and otherwise winterized.

County Estate Luxury Dog House

The County Estate Dog Home is a stylish A-frame house with panache. It features solid fir construction, custom wood molding, an asphalt shingle roof, adjustable feet for handling uneven surfaces, and a durable weatherproof liner within the roof. The net result is a dog home that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and pretty dog-gone nice to live in.

The waterproof leg protectors and raised floor help to keep your pet and its home dry during the rainy and cold seasons. The exterior is painted gray with white trim around the door and along the corners. It assembles in four simple steps that takes about 20 minutes total time.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this dog house is its contemporary "suburban" flair -- an every-neighborhood kind of look. The painted exterior will hold up better over time than a stained finish.

Premium Cedar Dog House

When I first saw this Premium Cedar Dog House, my first thought was "hot diggity dog!" This is one nice looking canine abode. The roof and door trim are painted an attractive dark red that nicely compliments the light yellow color of the rest of the house.

It is made of solid natural cedar and features quick interlocking panels for smooth and easy assembly (no tools required). The removable roof simplifies tasks such as cleaning the inside of the house or perhaps attaching an inner door flap to keep your pooch warmer during the winter months.

This dog house is available in extra small, small and medium sizes. It does not come with a door covering.

PetCedar Dog House

The PetCedar Dog House will impress you and your dog with its solid wood construction, natural weather-resistance, and insulation properties. (Yes, dogs really do appreciate those kind of details). Carefully crafted from solid unfinished Western Red Cedar, this high-quality dog house is naturally resistant to the outdoor elements, including insects and weather conditions.

Strong double-wall construction, coupled with smart design, provides a warm, safe, and inviting home for Sparky. This attractive, American-made dog house is available in various size options to suit small, medium, and large dogs. The smallest size can also be used for cats.

Ice Cream Dog House

Introducing the Ice Cream Dog House for all you ice cream and dog lovers! This is one cool dog house (no pun intended). It features cascading red foot trim, decorative red-trimmed windows, and a red ridge pole at the top of the roof. The rest of the house has a light cedar stain applied that nicely contrasts with the red components.

It is made from solid fir with a removable roof and bottom panels for easy cleaning. Available in small size only.

This is very possibly the only ice creamed themed dog house commercially made. The only thing missing to make this a true warm weather house is a doorway overhang or perhaps a covered porch. But at just over 100 bucks, you can't complain...

The Stable Dog House

If horses can live in a fancy stable, then why can't your dog? Well now he can, thanks to the Stable Dog House. This unique pet home features a richly stained base which contrasts well with the dark green roof.

One of the things I like about this house is the lockable front door because it enables you to use the house indoors as a crate. Another nice feature is the shuttered window which offers good ventilation while protecting your dog from the elements.

The Stable dog house is made from solid fir with a removable roof top and bottom panels for easy cleaning, and a raised floor to keep Fido warm and dry. It is designed for large dogs.

Duplex Dog House

The answer to your dog house prayers has been answered with the Duplex Wood Dog House. Spacious enough for 2 large dogs, or one extra large dog, this house is not only practical but also affordable. Each duplex house comes with a removable partition to accommodate just one or even two dogs. Its solid wood construction will help to keep out the elements while getting your dog out of the heat or simply off of the ground. A removable roof and floor panels make cleaning this house a snap.

Rarely can one find a house the will accommodate the larger breeds of dogs. After hearing numerous requests for such a thing, we put our designers to the test. We belive we have created a product that will fit the needs of many dog owners and lovers alike.


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