Dog House Buyer's Guide

Dog House Sampler

What we have here is a sampling of dog houses that I think you'll find is a fairly representative cross section of what's out there in the dog house world. They span the spectrum from plastic dog houses that cost around 100 bucks to custom-built designer homes that run into the thousands of dollars.

The focus here is on stationary plastic and wood dog houses -- not dog boxes, tents, crates, or other portable pet containment systems.

The houses are arranged according to construction quality as well as style (in general, they get more expensive as you go down the page). For each house, I have provided a photo, a description, and some commentary.  If you're interested in a cold-weather dog house, pay particular attention to the houses towards the bottom of the list -- the Heavy Duty Insulated and Premium Red Cedar models.


Dog House Lineup
  Plastic Dog Houses - Made from lightweight man-made materials that make them easy to clean and transport. They come in two basic styles: the conventional house and the igloo.

Approximate price range: $100 - $200

  Economy Wood Dog Houses - These houses aren't fancy but they get the job done and offer good bang for the buck. Includes classic peaked roof and rectangular wood houses with offset doorways. Think of these as good starter houses.

Approximate price range: $80 - $200

  Log Cabin and Rustic Dog Houses - Canine abodes with a little back woodsy character such as half-rounded log siding, cedar shingle and metal roofs, and wooden decks.

Approximate price range: $100 - $350

  Decorative Wood Dog Houses - Custom pet homes that stand out from all the rest with features like sun decks, fancy trim work, chimneys, and other decorative touches. The emphasis her is on style.

Approximate price range: $100 - $350

  Indoor Dog Houses - Who says a doghouse has to be used outside? These indoor models are quite stylish and fit right in with many contemporary home decors.

Approximate price range: $100 - $240

  Heavy Duty Insulated Dog Houses - Industrial strength houses that are built like a fortress to keep your pet comfy and dry under the most adverse weather conditions.

Approximate price range: $550- $1700

  Premium Red Cedar Dog Houses - Top quality houses made from decay resistant solid red cedar with optional insulated walls and heating/AC units. These houses are also available with porches and sun decks.

Approximate price range: $200- $1500

  Custom Designer Dog Houses - Custom built houses that are crafted in limited quantities. These are more expensive than the other dog houses but also more unique.

Approximate price range: $600- $5000+

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