Dog House Buyer's Guide

Economy Dog Houses

If you're in the market for a low cost dog house, the models shown here are a good place to start.

These aren't likely to become family heirlooms but they're good enough to provide basic shelter for your dog. For an extra $60 or so, you can get an insulation kit for some of these houses -- a good idea if you live in an area with cold winters and hot summers.

A-Frame Dog House - Unfinished

If you're handy with tools and wood, this house provides a great base platform from which to craft a custom dog house. For example, you could add an asphalt or metal roof, stick in a window with shutters, perhaps a sun deck in the front, a name tag above the doorway, cedar siding, etc. Lots of possibilities!

This classic A-Frame Snoopy-style dog house is constructed from 3/8" exterior grade plywood and assembles easily with bolts, wing nuts and t-nuts that are pre-installed. Screened vents in the front and rear provide cross-ventilation for a cooler living environment. It is available in a range of sizes to accommodate small to large dogs.

For a few extra bucks, you can also buy this house pre-stained. However, I recommend applying your own finish using a stain of your choice and a spar varnish or poly overcoat. Better yet, buy the version of this house with the metal roof - it will hold up much better than just a plywood roof.


Deluxe A-Frame Dog House

This model is a little spiffier than the basic dog house. It's made from 3/8 inch thick exterior grade groove styled plywood finished with a golden stain. The door frame and roof line are painted forest green for a nice contrast.

Screened vents in both the front and back provide cross ventilation through the house. The door features a solid wood frame and plastic covering that will keep your dog safe from adverse weather conditions.

I like the looks of this house more so than the basic model but it's still a fairly basic house. Think about adding a shingle roof and insulation to it...


Ware Ultimate A-Frame Dog House

Getting a bit fancier, the Ware Ultimate A-Frame house features a waterproof shingle roof, adjustable waterproof Feet, a Peak-roof design, and solid wood construction. Available in multiple sizes and easy to assemble in just minutes with only a screwdriver, this house will easily fit your pet needs. The A-Frame Package is also available with a zip in and out dog house insulation kit which ensures maximum comfort and protection. The quality canvas material is designed for simple and easy installation, removal and storage.

A patio portion is also available in this package. It provides a comfortable elevated resting spot which will keep your pet cool in the summer and off the cold and wet ground in the winter months.

Ware Economy Dog House

Made out of 1/2" thick exterior grade plywood, this box style dog kennel has an off-center entrance to shelter your beloved pooch from the elements. The hinged roof allows easy access for cleaning and mat replacement while doubling as a ready-made sun deck for your pet. The raised floor offers protection from moisture and makes for a warmer abode during the winter months.

Sizes are available for all types of dogs ranging from Basset Hounds to Newfoundlands. This dog house has a non-toxic weather protective red stain and is easy to assemble with basic hand tools. A matching door is available.

This model is a bit beefier than the economy kennel (not shown). But you'll still want to protect the plywood roof with a more water repellant cover and stain the walls a bit darker to make the inevitable mud less obvious.


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