Dog House Buyer's Guide

Buying a Dog House Online - An Overview

If you're in the market for a dog house, here is the place to start. Here you'll learn about the types of dog houses that are available online, tips for selecting a house, reviews of some popular models, figuring out what size dog house your dog needs, how to get the best deal on a dog house, and lots more.

Introduction to buying a dog house online
An overview of the advantages of buying a dog house online, some thoughts on shipping, and primary decisions to be made when selecting a dog house.

Types of dog houses - an overview
Learn about the various dog house designs to choose from when purchasing a dog house.  Both stationary and portable dog houses are featured.

Guidelines for selecting a dog house
Some tips for choosing the ideal dog house. Discusses wood vs plastic, wood vs asphalt roofs, proper sizing for your pet, heating options, cold weather design features, and lots more.

Dog house sampler
A comprehensive listing of dog houses in a variety of styles and price ranges. Includes cheap wooden houses, plastic, log cabin, red cedar, super insulated, and designer dog houses. Photos and commentary included at no extra charge!

How to choose the right size dog house
Learn about various formulas and guidelines for determining the appropriate size dog house for your dog. Bigger is not necessarily better...

How to find the best deal on a dog house
Tips for getting a dog house at a bargain price. Includes a discussion of online price comparison engines, discount coupons, and using eBay effectively.


Additional Information

Dog house terminology
Learn all about dog house lingo. Concise descriptions of portable dog houses, dog boxes, and various other styles of dog houses.

What if the dog hates the dog house?
What to do if your beloved pet hates the house you bought for him. 10 tips for getting your dog to like his house.

Heating a dog house
An overview of various products for heating a dog house. Includes heating pads, heating boxes, and standalone heating/AC units.


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