Dog House Buyer's Guide

Heavy Duty Insulated Dog Houses

If you need a dog house that stays cool in summer and warm in winter, check out these babies.

These top-of-the-line models feature exceptionally thick insulated panels which make for very rigid construction and unequaled temperature control. In fact, they're probably better insulated than many residential homes...

These insulated dog houses are not cheap - some of the models run well over 1000 bucks. They're also not lightweight. The large duplex house weights about 460 pounds. Obviously, they're not for everybody. But they might be the house for you if you're looking for something that's built like Fort Knox so you don't have to worry about ole Sparky being pummeled by the elements.

Small Super Insulated Dog House

This is a very heavy duty dog house that is made from structurally insulated panels with an R-23 insulation value. That is considerably higher than most any other dog house on the market. This design affords exceptional structural rigidity and temperature stability. Bottom line: it won't fall apart in a storm and your pooch will stay snug and warm.

The house comes on a shrink-wrapped pallet in seven easy-to-assemble panels. After the house is assembled, the roof can be removed to accommodate any cleaning that needs to be done. This house is waterproof and water-protected to prevent damage from normal outdoor usage. A variety of siding styles are available including red brick, gray brick, tan brick, gray slate, buff slate, random rock mixed, and paintable stucco. A door is included.

If you live in the cold north and the dog needs to be outside, this is the house to get. It's not cheap but it's built like a fortress so it should last for many years.

Larger Super Insulated Dog Houses

The medium, large, and extra large versions of the Super Insulated Dog House are shown below. Notice that the door is offset from the center in these models in order to provide more protected space for your dog inside the house.

The medium house depicts the Red Brick siding and Aspen Gray Shingles. That boxy thing in the back of the house is the optional PETCool Heating and Cooling Unit. It is designed to maintain a constant comfortable range of temperatures in winter and summer while also functioning as a de-humidifier. Of course, you'll want to have the door in place while the unit is running. (A door is provided).

The large house depicts the Buff Slate siding with Desert Tan Shingles while the extra large house sports the Random Rock Mixed siding with Aspen Gray Shingles. These are beefy dog houses - the extra large one tips the scales at 425 pounds! I daresay they'll outlive most dogs and probably their owners as well...

Medium House Large House Extra Large House


Duplex Super Insulated Dog Houses

Small Duplex Insulated Dog House

This small duplex dog house is made in the same heavy duty was as the single dog models. The walls, floor, and ceiling are made from structurally insulated panels which provide exceptional structural rigidity and temperature stability.

The duplex house has a movable interior partition to accommodate dogs of different sizes. It also provides separation between the dogs if that is your desire or you could remove it and let the dogs mingle. 

Medium and Large Duplex Dog Houses

The Super Insulated Duplex Dog House also comes in medium and large flavors (as if the small one wasn't big enough). The medium house is clad with Tan Brick siding and Desert Tan shingles. The large house is clad in Random Rock Mixed siding and Desert Tan shingles. (There are 9 different styles of siding to choose from). Each house comes on a shrink-wrapped pallet of seven panels which only take about 30 minutes to assemble.

Medium Duplex Large Duplex  

To the best of my knowledge, these houses are only available online from If you're interested in more information about the construction or pricing of these houses, they should be able to help you out.


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