Dog House Buyer's Guide

Red Cedar Dog Houses

These premium red cedar dog houses are a cut above many of the mass market dog houses that are out there.

They're made from top grade Western Red Cedar, a wood which is very possibly the best wood for dog houses. They also incorporate a number of sound construction features such as offset doors, wooden shingles, raised floors, insulation, Beechwood interior walls, and options for insulation and heating/AC units.

Cedar Dog House

When I first saw this cedar dog house, the woodworker in me could immediately appreciate how it was built. It is made from Western Red Cedar, a wood that not only looks nice but also offers excellent natural protection against insects and decay. There's a reason why cedar is a favorite wood for outdoor patio furniture.

Red Cedar also gets very high marks for insulating qualities and dimensional stability. In fact, it is superior to almost all other commercial softwoods in its resistance to warping, twisting and checking. This means the house will hold up well over time without becoming distorted from the elements.

Another thing about this dog house that caught my attention is that the entire exterior is clad in cedar - including the roof. Not only does it look attractive but a cedar roof is much lighter than one with asphalt shingles -- remember, you want to be able to occasionally remove the roof for cleaning. And if the house is not insulated (insulation is an option for this house), a cedar roof will typically outperform an asphalt shingle roof in terms of heat control.

The offset doorway on this house provides a windbreak and some private "hang-out" space for your dog. Compared to a house with a centered doorway, he won't be as exposed to the sun and foul weather. The house comes with a vinyl door flap which helps to keep out the cold during the winter but can be easily removed if you wish to improve the air flow during the hot summer months.

Because cedar is a naturally decay resistant species, this cedar dog house could be left unfinished and allowed to weather to a rustic grey color. However, a protective finish will enhance it's appearance and increase it's service life. My personal preference is for a cedar-colored deck stain applied every other year or so. Other finishing options include spar varnish (with UV inhibitors) and paint. The house comes as several panels that can be assembled in about half an hour using basic hand tools.


Duplex Red Cedar Dog Kennels

Insulated Cedar Duplex Dog House

This cedar doggie duplex can accommodate two dogs, either sharing the same living space or in separate spaces thanks to a removal center partition. Like the single dog models, this house is made from Western Red Cedar, a wood which offers excellent natural protection against insects and decay. The Reflectix FBF Insulation consists of one layer of polyethylene bubble sandwiched between two layers of 99 percent pure aluminum foil. The polyethylene encapsulated air bubbles serve as an effective thermal break, while the two outer layers of aluminum reflect up to 97 percent of all radiant energy.

The duplex is available in medium to jumbo sizes with or without a covered porch.


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