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Dog Selection and Care

Links to sites about choosing, buying and caring for dogs.

A Dogs Life - Choosing, owning, training and understanding your dog. Sample tidbits: Did you know that chocolate is toxic to dogs? And dogs can suffer from renal failure from eating grapes?

About Dogs Online - The place to find out more about pet adoptions, animal shelters, dog breeds, puppy training, pet health, dog rescue shelters and other dog health information. A pet-friendly site.

Before You Get A Dog - The decision to get a dog is not something to be taken lightly and this article by Sandi Dremel helps you through that process. It also includes the responsibilities of dog ownership.

Buying A Puppy? - Don't get ripped off! You need to know the warning signs to look for when you are buying a puppy. You need to know the questions to ask to in order to expose the unscrupulous breeder.

Camp Ilene - Doggy overnights and day care.  Beautiful home environment with no kennels or cages. Just play and love in a sheltered, safe, and fun environment. The site also provides pet care tips.

Dog and Puppy Central - A resource for the puppy buyer and puppy breeder. Includes a directory of responsible dog breeders, clubs, dog breed rescues, dog breed books, informational links, dog breed pictures and more.

Dog Infomat - Lots of helpful info about selecting a dog. Example: what kind of dog will fit best with your lifestyle and environment? Do you go with a mixed breed or purebred? What mix or purebred? Where is the best place to get your dog from?

Guide to Toy breed selection -  If you're considering a small dog for your household and want to learn the best ways to care for one, this site specializes in toy dog breeds that are recognized by the American Kennel Club.

How to Love Your Dog - A kid's guide to dog care. Topics include basic care and training, pet loss, pet overpopulation, laws of the community, safety around animals, and compassion toward old dogs.

K9 Perspective Magazine - Free online magazine for dog enthusiasts everywhere. The magazine your dog would want you to read.

Puplinks - All about dogs from a dog lover. Learn how to choose and train a dog, how to deal with behavioral problems, kids and dogs, housebreaking tips, dealing with thunderstorm phobia, and lots more.

Puppyfinder - Puppy breed selector, puppy advice, puppy names, products, and tips galore. Includes a breeder directory and classified ads for buying/selling puppies. - What to look for when buying that new pet and what not to do. How to find a good breeder, questions to ask a breeder and other helpful articles.

Show Dog Super Site - All about show dogs and dog shows. Includes articles on dog diets, treating common dog ailments, the Kennel Journal, discussion forums, and lots more.




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