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Dog Related Links and Resources

Here is a collection of dog-related web sites that I hope you find useful and informative. 

Dog Art and Gifts - Pet portraits, photos, jewelry, breed specific gifts, etc.

Dog Beds - Dog beds, couches, pads, and related accessories.

Dog Selection and Care - Choosing, buying, and caring for a dog.

Dog Doors - Flap doors, patio doors, electronic doors, and more.

Dog Organizations - Organizations committed to canine adoption, health, education, and human interaction.

Dog Supplies - Collars, leashes, ID tags, flea powder, toys, dog apparel, crates, grooming accessories, and other dog supplies.

Dog Training - Dog training books, courses, videos, equipment, services, and organizations.

Dog Treats - Biscuits, cookies, muffins, and other dog treats and snacks.


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Here are some suggested links to this site:

All About Dog Houses - All you ever wanted to know about dog houses: choosing and buying a dog house, types of dog houses, dog house plans, articles, terminology, and more.

All About Dog Houses - A resource for learning about dog houses including how to select a house to fit your dog and features to look for in a dog house.

All About Dog Houses - Dog house central. Tips on buying or building a dog house, dog house plans, dog house styles, terminology, and articles.


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