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Recycled Fence Dog House

So you tore down the old wooden fence and now what do you do with all the left-over boards? Well, here's an idea: build a dog house from them. That's exactly what one participant at the Barkitecture event in Austin Texas did. This out-of-the-ordinary "green" dog house was created by Travis Habersaat who was intrigued by the idea of taking something that previously kept a dog contained to a particular area and making into a space that it can call its outdoor home.

Dog house made from reccyled fence boards.

Aside from the use of reclaimed wood, some of the other signature aspects of this dog house are a full-height corner entrance, a pointed sloping roof, angled windows, and a spiffy parquet-effect wood floor. It's a far cry from your generic rectangular dog house. And the cost was minimal since the materials were already at hand. The main "cost" was the elbow grease involved in repurposing the wood.

The goal of the Barkitecture event was to raise money for animal rescues by selling creative dog houses that showcased reclaimed materials, green roofs, and other green approaches to dog shelters. I would say this house hit the mark for sure. What dog wouldn't be proud to call this house his home?


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