Dog House Terminology

Dog Bed

There are many different types and styles of dog beds.  They include pillows, mats, rugs and cuddlers. Pillows are just big cushions and are the most plush. Mats are thinner than pillows, and rugs are thinner still. A cuddler is like a pillow with three sides.

There are bolster beds (beds with a raised back), donut beds, travel beds, thermo regulating beds, cooling beds, heated beds, waterproof beds, chew proof beds, and deep-sided den beds. There are even orthopedic dog beds which are made of thick soft foam that molds to your dog's body! These are appropriate for older dogs or dogs with joint problems. There are also dog sofas that are down-sized versions of human sofas.

PETsMART has a very extensive collection of dog beds if you're in the market for one. They also provide a helpful dog bed sizing chart to assist you in selecting the right size bed for your pet.

When buying a dog bed, make sure you get one that is the right size for your pet. He should be able to lie flat, completely stretched out on his side, without hanging off the bed.

A high density foam pad is a good bed choice for use with an outdoor dog house because fleas and other bugs will have a tough time nesting in the thick foam and it won't soak up moisture like a cloth bed would.


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