Dog House Terminology

Dog Box

Typically carried on a truck and used to transport dogs, a dog box is like a home away from home for dogs. They come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. Many dog boxes are made from aluminum although steel, plastic, and wood are also used.  Dog boxes can be quite elaborate. For example, some models are built as a stand-alone trailer with wheels. Others are custom-built to fit snugly crosswise in the back of pickup trucks. Some incorporate cages into the design. Many are just simple rectangular boxes that can be carried by one or two people.

Some of the features that you'll find in dog boxes include hinged tops for quick access, carrying handles on sides and front, vents with sliding covers, lockable latches, insulation, entry dividers, louvered doors, and door inserts to keep out the rain and cold. Cross-over models can accommodate two dogs with the option for them to mingle. Stacking models allow four, five, or more dogs to be transported at once (some of these resemble pickup campers).

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