Dog House Terminology

Dog Tent

A dog tent is a portable shelter that allows dogs to escape the elements when outdoors, or just a place to curl up in when indoors. Made from waterproof materials, most dog tents are easy to assemble and break down in minutes. They are lightweight and easy to transport. Perfect for camping, traveling, and other outdoor pursuits. Some dog tents are quite elaborate, sporting features like ventilated side panels, elevated floors, hold open door flaps, and zippered closures.

As an example, the Midwest Canine Camper Portable Tent Crate is made from a water resistant Denier polyester with PVC mesh window screens. It has several storage pouches, privacy flaps, and a zipper lock. It even comes with a bucket loop to hold a water bucket in place.

Short history lesson: During the Civil war, the term "dog tent" referred to a wedge-shaped canvas tent designed to shelter two soldiers. Each soldier carried half of the tent and the two halves were buttoned together to form a whole tent. Saplings or muskets were used to support the tent.  Many soldiers grumbled that it was called a dog tent because it would only comfortably accommodate a dog, and a small one at that. In subsequent wars, this type of simple tent was more commonly referred to as a "pup tent".

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