Dog House Terminology

Fancy Dog House

What makes for a fancy dog house? Well... for starters, consider a solid wood structure with cedar shingles and siding, a window with shutters, an internal wall for greater protection from the elements, and a covered deck for enhanced lounging possibilities. Then throw in a heater/AC unit to help your hound stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Of course, the walls, floor, and roof should be insulated using at least 2" thick foam.

For the doorway, a heavy-duty vinyl flap may suffice but for a truly fancy dog house, how about a hinged two-way door with a personalized (dogalized?) name plate. Other decorative touches that can really spruce up a dog house include fake (but realistic looking) mail boxes, chimneys, wind vanes, and other knick-knacks that attach to the outside of the house.


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