Dog House Terminology

Igloo Dog House

Igloo style dog houses are typically made from plastic or structural foam and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate small to large dogs. Some of the reasons for choosing this style of dog house are that they are economical, lightweight, and simple to maintain and clean. An occasional hosing down is about all the maintenance required. Dog owners also appreciate the simplistic, yet charming shape of an igloo dog house.

Many igloos provide ventilation openings for warm humid air to escape and flap doors for better protection from the elements. Most styles also have a raised floor that provides insulation from the cold, moisture, and miscellaneous critters. During the summer, try to place the house in an area with shade so your dog doesn't overheat.

The most popular igloo dog houses on the market are the Indigo and Dogloo models from Petmate. These modestly priced houses provide a cozy shelter for your dog and are very easy to maintain. The main difference between the two is that the Indigo provides an extended entrance way that gives your pooch more lounging space.

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