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Indoor Dog House

Many people ask about indoor dog houses but here's something to think about: If your dog is living indoors, does he really need a dog house? Perhaps a dog crate or just a dog bed is all that's really needed.

Having made that point, let's move on. If you are indeed interested in an indoor dog house, there are some really nice wooden dog houses that actually make for very attractive furniture. For example, one particular house style features a roof-top balcony where your hound can lounge in splendor and watch Seinfeld reruns with you. It almost looks like a bunk bed at first glance. There's also a grass hut dog house on the market that's made of woven rattan with a bamboo frame and a smooth pine floor. There are many other styles and shapes of doghouses to match most any home decor.

Kennel crates are often used as indoor dog houses. They can be made from wire mesh, plastic, fiberglass, and even wicker.  A crate need only be big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably. To accommodate a growing puppy, many crates come with dividers so you can resize the puppy's living space as needed. Just think of a crate (or any dog house for that matter) as a modern version of a den: it should be a small, cozy place where your dog can feel safe and secure.

If you're looking for an indoor dog house to temporarily house your pet while traveling, there are a number of portable dog houses on the market. Some desirable features here include a compact, collapsible design, plenty of ventilation flaps, carrying handles, water resistant fabric, and a padded bottom for added doggie comfort.

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