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Snoopy Dog House

Ah...Snoopy. That venerable beagle that belonged to Charlie Brown (or was it the other way around?) in the Peanuts comic strip. And who can forget the innumerable times we saw Snoopy lying on the top of his dog house with his snout and feet pointed straight-up as he pondered the complexities of being a dog in a human's world. I could never understand how Snoopy managed to stay in place given that his house had a peaked roof. But, that's why he is The Dog...

Anyway, if you like the Snoopy dog house style (the classic dog house design) you can find numerous free plans for such  plus several featured in the dog house sampler section of the site. You know the style: a rectangular box with an arched doorway centered on the front wall, all covered with a two-sided roof with the peak running down the middle.  Tip: try to build or buy a house with a hinged roof in which one side of the roof can be lifted up to make it easier to clean out the inside of the dog house.

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