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All About Dog Houses

Welcome to All About Dog Houses! If you're planning to buy or build a dog house, or just want to learn more about dog houses, you've come to the right place.

Here you'll find information about the various types of dog houses on the market, the pros and cons of different types of materials and construction techniques, how to pick a house that fits your dog, how to get the best deal on a dog house, how to help your dog like his new dog house (a not uncommon problem), dog house terminology, and reviews of free dog house plans ( check out the groovy green doghouse).

Bowser slant roof dog houseThe "Bowser" Free Dog House Plans

Welcome to the newest DIY entry: the Bowser! A seemingly barebones dog house, the Bowser employs several clever features, such as a sliding roof, that allow for quick assembly and disassembly. It's also budget-friendly: the entire structure is made from a single piece of 5/8" plywood and a 2x4. Total cost is less than $50.


The "Sparky1" Free Dog House Plans

Build your very own dog house like the one shown here. The "Sparky1" sports an insulated floor, roof, and walls, T1-11 plywood exterior, a removable roof for ease of cleaning, a cedar deck with roof, and solid construction throughout. It's designed for a medium size dog and costs less than $150! Detailed step-by-step instructions provided.

Site Contents:

Recycled fence dog house - a "green" dog house made entirely from reclaimed fence boards.

Dog House Buyer's Guide - Jam packed with information to help you purchase the best house for your pet. Learn about:

  • The different types of dog houses on the market.
  • Wood versus plastic versus metal dog houses.
  • Wood roofs versus asphalt or metal roofs.
  • Desirable cold and hot weather design features.
  • Advantages of buying online and how to get the best deal.
  • Determining the appropriate house size for your dog.
  • Products and techniques for heating a dog house.
  • What to do if your dog hates his new house.

Dog house sampler - This is part of the buyer's guide but deserves special mention as a resource in its own right. Includes photos and commentaries for the vast majority of dog houses available online.

Reviews of dog house plans - I scoured the Internet to find the best free dog house plans. For each plan, there is a brief description and a few choice comments.

Dog house terminology - Learn all the dog house lingo. Concise descriptions of portable dog houses, dog boxes, dog doors, and lots of other dog house stuff.

Dog House History - An overview of dog houses over the years, including mud kennels used by the early Egyptians and war time dog crates. Also a bit of speculation about dog houses of the future...

About this site - A little background info on the impetus behind creating this site and the site's mission statement.

It is my sincere hope that you find the information on this site useful (perhaps even interesting) and that you come away feeling like an informed consumer. And maybe, just maybe, your pet will appreciate your efforts once she's happily ensconced in her new home!


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